what happened when this savage song took the world by storm

i have this bad habit where i read the first chapters of books about 47645 times before moving on to read the rest of it’s entirety.

and it’s bad because i happen to be an interminable idiot who only does this to the books she likes and makes it her life mission to read every single book whose first-chapter she’s ever hated and see it until the end.

i don’t know, man. falling in love with books is scary because they take over my life and make me want to read them about a thousand times over and every other book i’ve ever read seems so dull and worthless in comparison. they make suing the world seem like such a fun prospect BECAUSE THE WORLD IS SO PLAIN AND BORING.

(why can’t we have monsters and star-covered girls named ilsa who fall in love with cats)

which is maybe why i run away from stories that promise greatness.

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