Get to know the Fantasy Reader Tag || Because I am queen

Hello, my cool little beans of the universe. 

It is a well-known fact that fantasy is obsession around here and swords are the reason for existence and fantasy characters are evil little munchkins that we shall forever love for the rest of our lives. BUT Fantasy was kind of being neglected and I felt bad for being that wicked and not talking about it as much as I should, SO I decided to do the fantasy reader tag because tags were being neglected too (but that’s okay because I don’t care about tag’s feelings #evil and I like being wicked like that). But we shall stop here and start with the actual stuff that matters. So, I saw this tag over on Ashmita’s blog and also Cherry’s blog and IT JUST LOOKS SO AMAZING, AND TO KEEP MY REPUTATION AS QUEEN OF FANTASY READERS, I HAD TO DO IT TOO.

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