july inked on paper (farewell to the month of the ridiculous)

july was actually insanely weird.

mostly in that i vaguely recall still being in the first week of it BUT SOMEHOW WE’RE IN AUGUST AND I’M FAILING TIME AGAIN. (#rude)

but also because i very uncharacteristically spent most of it doing other kinds of ignoring-math-assignments shaped stuff that surprisingly DID NOT include reading and/or writing, which is possibly even more shock-inducing than my unkempt foreignness with time.


i maybe one day successfully convinced myself that i’d grown bored of my smol blog looking the same since an entire year and another half and therefore needed to have new and shiny things thrown at it. so i did the throwing. which included creating the new featured image graphics (BECAUSE I’M NOT WASTING CHOCOLATE BY THROWING IT INSTEAD, DARNIT) you probably saw on the rambles section of this otherworldly phenomenon (aka dipped in ink) if you’re nice like that, or didn’t if you’re not. and changing up themes and habitually freaking out over the workings of the universe and such.

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