Pretty Deadly Words: A Deadly Introduction || Where you shall encounter daggers, stories and the like || ALSO HI I’M BACK

One of the worst moments in a supossedly mortal* human’s life is when said human has to answer to why they’ve been ignoring everything and they find out that they haven’t yet been kidnapped by a volcra SO THEY MUST ACTUALLY THINK UP EXCUSES FOR SAID DISAPPEARANCE. (#1 way to lose your faith in the volcra race by the way)

So in a painful turn of events, I currently happen to be that fortunate human who just lost faith in the volcra and thefore have to think up excuses that do not involve me being busy, because honestly speaking, i wasn’t. At least not in the normal, buried-under-my-science-assignments kind of way. More like the I-was-busy-being-queen-and-therefore-magnificent kind of way. Which is perhaps the best excuse I can give at the moment. Apart from me drowning under words and taking over the world and silently convincing ash to read the raven boys. The normal stuff.

ANYWAY. Enough of my disappearance and the betrayals of the volcra, WE MUST NOW SCREAM ABOUT THE REAL REASON WE’RE GATHERED HERE TODAY. It is to introduce you to the sharp, recently-polished GLITTERING blade of my newly-acquired sword, AND ALSO A NEW WRITING PROJECT (which might be referred to as a meme, for unreasonable purposes such as it actually being a meme) CALLED……………. *drumroll please*………… PRETTY DEADLY WORDS! Where we drown under stories and scream about abominations such as W O R D S and also ocassionally duel each other with SHINY SWORDS. (the last part is the REAL reason it was created obviously. THE FIRST TWO ARE USELESS WHO EVEN CARES ABOUT WORDS AM I RIGHT) so this is a writing meme (AS ALREADY MENTIONED!! WHERE WERE YOU MY OLIVE???) created and hosted by ASH-the-amazing-strawberry-lover and MYSELF-the-evil-olive-queen BECAUSE WE ARE JUST AMAZING LIKE THAT. And also because its fun and words are pretty addicting sometimes.

‘But anoushka, I accept your title as olive queen and all, BUT WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? Do I get to battle people for real? Because I’m pretty sure my mum won’t allow that so I might have to sneak away and train with dragons and survive off of cakes for the rest of my life. ALSO, I don’t own a sword. WHAT DO I DOOOOOO??’ some aliens among yourselves might be silently whispering.

‘IT’S FINE, MY ALIENS, IT’S FINE!’ I will gently whisper back in that reassuring way of mine, by the end of which you shall have calmed down enough to be wiping away your tears with the sleeves of your woollen sweaters and secretly mourning the loss of a life lived on cake.

Unfortunately, swords… aren’t allowed. FOR NOW. Don’t scream. I SWEAR I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO CONVINCE THE HEADS OF THIS TREASONOUS PROJECT TO INCLUDE SWORDS IN TOO. And we shall succeed one day, perhaps. BUT UNTIL THEN, there’s still the fun, BECAUSE HOW ELSE DO WE LIVE?

* I mean trying to explain your inhuman immortality might be pretty awkward if you think about it. The volcra-betrayal can be put away as a small broken piece of your fragile heart. IT’S FINE.

  • So what is all this sword-less blabbering about? I NEED EXPLANATIONS AND OLIVES if you expect me to stay any longer.

Olives shall have to be denied, sorry. WE DON’T JUST DISTRIBUTE THEM LIKE THAT. But explanations, I ACCEPT, because we still need you paying attention here. The one and only, “Pretty Deadly Words”, is a writing meme (OR PROJECT. Because I like project better) co-hosted by Ash @ ink, words and ash (AKA MY FELLOW RULER OF THE STRAWBERRIES AND BEST FRIEND) and Anoushka @ dipped in ink (THAT’S ME) where the two of us create (and also post, because you guys cannot read our thoughts or privately shared google docs sadly) 10 questions at the beginning of each month and also answer them (BECAUSE WE LIKE TO GIVE OPINIONS TOO APPARENTLY).

‘So what the hell am I here for?’ you’re probably wondering. BECAUSE YOU GET TO BE AMAZING AND SCREAM YOUR OPINIONS ALONG! (And also because that’s how memes work) 10 questions for a particular month where we discuss important details about your WIP/novel/writing-in-general, so we can basically snoop into your writing lives, BUT MAINLY SO YOU CAN GET TO DISCOVER YOUR NOVEL FURTHER (or so i’ve been told)! You can create a post featuring your answers and link back to the questions post for that particular month, AND WE SHALL ADD YOUR LINK SO YOU CAN BE FAMOUS! (REMEMBER TO THANK US LATER)

?. ??? ???? ?? ‘?????? ?????? ?????’ ???? ????? ????? ????’? ??? ???? ???? ??? ?????

Maybe we can start with the fact that it’s a pretty AMAZING name! AND IT SOUNDS DANGEROUS AND SLIGHTLY BADASS AND IS REMINISCENT OF DAGGERS IN SOME WAY, which means we get to include daggers (YAY) and you can’t sue us anymore (*cackles*) Plus, wooooooords. Which is basically the point of this whole thing. DEADLY JUST SOUNDS NICE AND IS THE MAJOR REASON FOR THE ‘DANGEROUS’ BIT, so we owe it the honour. We’re kind like that.

?. ???? ?? ??? ???? ????? (?? ??, ???? ‘??????’ ???????) ????? ??? ??? ?? ? ??????????? ?? ? ???????????? ?????? ?? ???? ???? ???? ?????????? ????

Starting on the 3rd of May, Pretty Deadly Words shall go down in history as the #best duelling platform in the universe. KIDDING. But yes, I wasn’t lying, the first set of questions (or episode, if you will) shall be posted sometime during the upcoming week on Dipped in Ink (AS IN, HERE) and also on Ink, Words and Ash, and we shall probably continue posting the upcoming episodes on the 3rd day of each month if things go according to plan! Or we might tinker with the schedule and post questions on the last day of the previous month or something like that, BUT NOTHING IS PROMISED. No, alien, OLIVES AREN’T PROMISED EITHER. Now shooo.

As for participating – penguin, olive, volcra, dragon or human WHATEVER SPECIES YOU MAY BELONG TO, you’re obviously very much welcome AND SHALL BE THANKED. You can simply steal the questions (but while cackling evilly, AS PER TRADITION) and answer them in a seperate post and link back to the questions posts OR you can leave your link in the google form attached at the end of each monthly post AND WE SHALL GLADLY ADD YOU IN (but don’t you DARE forget to cackle. terrible memory in this instance shall lead to disqualification)! If you don’t run a blog/do not want to create a seperate post, answers are also welcome in comments sections of the questions posts BECAUSE WE LOVE READING YOUR ANSWERS! If you forget to cackle, you shall be left in tartarus and never see daylight again. *evil laughter*

?. ??? ? ???? ?????? ????????? ?? ?????? ?????? ????? ?? ???? ? ???????? ??? ??? ?? ? ????? ?? ?????????? ??? ???? ?? ?? ?????? ????? ???

Obviously! Since all things deadly are welcome here! Plus we might run out of questions at some point, SO YOUR HELP WOULD MEAN A LOT! Olives are also welcome for submission, by the way, if any one of you happened to be curious. You could send them in through the contact form attached right below (LOOK, MY OLIVE, LOOK) and will be thanked with more words.

?. ??? ?? ? ??????? ???? ??? ??? ???????? ? ?????? ??? ??? ???? ?????? ????-????? ??? ?????? ??????? ??? ? ????? ?? ???? ??? ?????? ????? ???? ???????? ?????? ?????? ??? ?????????? ?????? ?????. ??. ?????.

The fact that I am writing this post, potato-headed olive of mine? IS THAT NOT PROOF ENOUGH?? But okay we know how evil and all-questioning you guys can be and have thus come to the conclusion that JUST FOR PROOF (and entertainment. BECAUSE PURPOSE) ash and myself will be answering the monthly questions too! (YES YOU CAN’T QUESTION OUR LOYALTIES ANYMORE *glares*)

As for the May questions, THEY ARE ALREADY POSTED ON ASH’S BLOG SO YOU CAN HEAD OVER AND LOOK THROUGH THEM and dipped in ink promises to catch up within the week. BYE NOW

DID YOU MISS ME AND DID MY ABSENSE SADDEN YOU ALL TO TEARS?? Do you like WORDS or secretly hate them for overtaking chocolate and peanut butter in the race for vitality? THOUGHTS ON THE DAGGERLESS WORD DUELS? MIGHT YOU DECIDE TO BE KIND SOMEDAY AND PARTICIPATE TOO? I need answers, people

13 thoughts on “Pretty Deadly Words: A Deadly Introduction || Where you shall encounter daggers, stories and the like || ALSO HI I’M BACK”

  1. HA welcome to the i-ran-out-of-excuses-to-explain-my-disappearances club where we have moved on from trying to weave excuses to the point where we (read: i) simply don’t acknowledge our disappearances in our posts anymore.
    Also coincidence coincidence we pop our heads up into the blogosphere and post after a while on the same day! (coincidence or sorcery hmm??)
    anyway. i love this whole idea!!

  2. 1. As long as I can remember, off and on. I wrote stories sometimes in childhood. I remember writing poems and a short novel semi-seriously at age 18. (I’m old now)
    2. Type. My brain works too fast for writing by hand.
    3. Probably coming-of-age stories, because I can relate. My current project is an episodic continuing story about a university student figuring out life. It can probably also be classified as pop culture nostalgia, since it is set in 1997. (
    4. Plot. I’m a very detailed storyteller.
    5. Many of the characters in this project are based on people I know, or knew at one time, who don’t know I’m writing about them. But just to keep it straight in my head, I’ll often give them the same initials as in real life, or a name that sounds similar or rhymes with their real name, or a name that has some other connection to the person’s actual name (like a real person named Summer becoming a character named Autumn, because they’re both seasons). For other works that aren’t so much based in reality, I kind of just pick a name that sounds good, and is appropriate for the time period (i.e., for a story set in the USA in 1997, I’m not going to name an old lady Brittany, because almost all the Brittanys in the USA 1997 were little kids or teenagers.
    6. A lot of coming-of-age type stuff happened to me when I was 17, so my first novel was a fictionalized version of that year of my life. Kind of like what I’m doing now, except my current character is just a little older.
    7. I take a break and come back to it.
    8. I like stories. (
    9. I still like stories. And I hope that my story can inspire someone else.
    10. ?‍♂️

  3. ANOUSHKA HIIII OMG I MISSED YOU AND YOUR POSTS SO SO MUCH!!! DON’T LEAVE US HANGING AGAIN OLIVE QUEEN WE MISSED YOU IMMENSELY ???(also I need to scream with you about the Raven boys every five seconds oops)

    ANYWAYS MOVING ON I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS IDEA??? Even though I don’t write that much (cough barely, like once a month if I have NOTHING to do) I’M STILL GOING TO PARTICIPATE 100% EVEN IF I’M FAKING IT HAHAH. please accept my amateur skills with words??




  4. AHH omg i missed your posts so muchh <3

    and WOW this is so creative, first off, and second of all, i LOVE this idea! (and this is an excuse for me to get back to my WIP which is succhh a hot mess right now but all that aside.) alsoo the questions are so funny haha but so accurate xD.

    definitely going to participate (or try; i make no promises lol) and i DO expect olives at the end. loved this post!

  5. hey look who is BACK-!

    oh yeah we all know how that convincing went ?

    i’m ridiculously excited for this!! hopefully tis not a complete flop lmao


  6. AMAZING IDEA!!! Like, I do not think I would ever come up with something like that but HOW DID YOU COME UP WITH A NAME AS AWESOME AS THAT?? I mean, “Pretty deadly words” HOW IS ANYONE SUPPOSED TO RESIST READING SOMETHING NAMED SOMETHING AS COOL AS THAT??

    I think the Volcra kidnap me too often as well because AS SOON AS I THINK I AM POSTING WELL I JUST STOP 😭
    So yes, Volcra kidnapping is a common occurrence with me too but I don’t really mind if I can relate to Nikolai like that 🤭

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