August Inked on Paper || School, homework, reading slump + some snippets from my WIP!!

August is over and… school and time have signed a deal to help each other torture me together *sigh*

Monthly wrap ups are my most favorite posts to write. Because I can look back at how unproductive I’ve been over the month and I love looking back. I also get to talk about life in general and I like that, and I can write LONG posts and I love long posts because it gives me more time and space to ramble on about nothing, and I love that too. *glares* So, welcome to my first monthly wrap up on Dipped in Ink!

July and August have just merged together at this point, and I no longer remember when one month ended and the next began. Sometimes it feels like it’s been so long since the first day of summer vacations 2 months ago, and at other times it seems like it hasn’t even been a week. Honestly I’m pretty much confused.

In the first two weeks of August, I read a total of 8 (!!!) books, but after that I fell into a slump. I kept picking up books, without enjoying any of them, so I decided to take a break (bad idea! Because now that school has started, I don’t even have time to read). But many of the books ended up being AMAZING, three 5-star reads(!!!), so I’m happy!!


The Traitor’s Game by Jennifer A. Nielsen ★★★★★ – I have never loved a book as much before. The characters, the plot, the world building, I LOVE THIS SO MUCH

The Deceiver’s Heart by Jennifer A. Nielsen ★★★★★ – I hate this masterpiece for making me suffer. I didn’t know whether to throw this at the wall, or cry over it for the rest of eternity

The Warrior’s Curse by Jennifer A. Nielsen ★★★★☆ – Not gonna lie, this one fell a bit flat. The ending was unsatisfying, and bringing back a character from the dead two times is just TOO MUCH. But I still loved the magic and world building. And the pain

We were liars by E. Lockhart ★★★★★ – This book did something to me. I still feel miserable thinking about that ending. I really hadn’t expected to like this so much

From the desk of Zoe Washington by Janae Marks ★☆☆☆☆ – Excuse me? What was the point of this whole book again, remind me? Terrible writing, undeveloped characters, basically nothing happens? And then everything suddenly goes right in the epilogue? WASTE OF TIME!

The Ruins of Gorlan by John Flanagan ★★☆☆☆ – I didn’t have high expectations, but this still disappointed. But well, I came up with amazing ideas while trying to listen to the audiobook, so not all that useless, I guess.

After/Math by Emily Barth Isler ★★★☆☆ – Beautiful writing, amazing concept and the grief felt so real!

The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise by Dan Gemeinhart ★★☆☆☆ – Umm, basically that ending? Can you please give me something more exciting?


I finally made an account! BUT this site is the key place to go to if you want to procrastinate. I wasted so much time on it for the first few days. I requested 10 books in one go, because I was sure I wouldn’t get accepted for any (which I didn’t) and then ended up requesting some books I wasn’t even interested in reading because I kept getting denied for all the ones I wanted. I wish I wouldn’t have done that, because now I’m also procrastinating on reading them. Ugh. Rude, rude, rude, rude.

After/Math by Emily Barth Isler – The audiobook is honestly so good. You can check out my full review here.

The Lost Language of Crazy by Pamela Laskin – Covers and book titles can be SO misleading, it’s UNFAIR. The synopsis sounded so good, but the writing in the book is so bad, I hate it.

Blue by L.E. DeLano – Umm, I don’t know what this about, so my spirit can take over, I guess? No? Well, then goodbye!

A Light in the Sky by Shina Reynolds – The synopsis mentioned something about Red Queen. I think.


I decide to write better posts, follow a proper schedule, and just do EVERYTHING better and then I run away on a week-long hiatus. I am such a genius, I can’t even –

I’ve been so excited about my blog lately. So, so excited. I’ve been looking forward to writing posts and even graphics – GRAPHICS, and that is really saying something because I hate graphic designing. But then obviously school decides to intervene, and turns all my plans upside-down, throws assignent after assignment after assignment my way, my spirit steals all my olives, and I have no time left to breathe! Or blog, hence the reason I haven’t been active much. It’s sad because after quite some time, I am finally feeling motivated. But whatever, because blogging does get me to finish school work faster, so not all bad!

In terms of other news, I RESTARTED MY BLOG, changed its name, my name, everyone’s name, and made things NEW and more interesting. Or that is what they would look like if I posted stuff, but I AM WORKING ON THAT, OKAY? Patience, people! Check out my introduction post where I talk more about everything!

I also signed up for some blog tours (then managed to completely forget about them-) and I got selected for two!! I AM SCREAMING!! Free books are the best!!! I am so excited!!

I am trying to keep up with all the posts in my reader, but it’s so difficult. I get like 15 new posts per day and it isn’t possible for a human being to read AND comment on so many, no matter how much I want to! I haven’t commented on posts that are like 2 months old, even though I liked them, and have something to say. I’ve got so much catching up to do, it’s overwhelming!

And most importantly, thank you so much everyone, literally everyone, for leaving such sweet and motivating comments on my Introduction post!! They made me so happy, and just – thank you so much!



  • Pannaga @ State of Craze introduces a Monthly E-Magazine called The Lost Letters, and I am in love with the idea! Check out her post for more information here.
  • Phoenix @ Books with Wings celebrates her one year blogiversary!
  • Saumya @ Draw-Write-Inspire introduces the Write in Style, Write in 21 challenge!
  • The theatrethon challenge created and hosted by Teatimelit! Click here for their announcement post and more details
  • Ahaana @ Windows to Worlds celebrates her one year blogiversary! Also, there’s some delicious looking cupcakes there, so CHECK THAT OUT!

I re-wrote the first 30,000 words of my WIP!! This month was amazing writing wise, I had so much fun with character backstories and world building and all the secrets. I also came up with so many new ideas and I love all of them so much! I decided to take a short break though, because I was pushing myself too much (i mean, what do you call 3000 words per day?) and that was stressing me out. But here’s some snippets –

I also wrote some poems! I love poem writing so much, mainly because I don’t push myself to do it. It’s something I do whenever I feel like it and no pressure = yes, yes, yes, I’ll do it, because we humans are weird that way. And it doesn’t matter that they are terrible, because it’s fun! And hey, no one’s judging them! But I even wrote one that I’m actually proud of?!

  • School started on the 29th, and I have honestly been SO!!! BUSY!!! It’s still online, but I’ve been pretty much a bundle of nerves (so much homework and no time!!) It is better than going back in person but it is so mentally draining and my eyes!
  • I am watching Julie and the Phantoms for the fourth time since July. The characters, Luke, the songs, the JOKES, the tears, the songs, Luke, all the emotions, the romance, and did I say Luke? I mean, those are characters you could die for! Ahhh, I just can’t get enough of it. I am sane. Mostly.
  • We reorganized our entire house! And my room looks so nice. I also reorganized my bookshelf, and it looks… okay? I mean all the books look gorgeous, but the organzation bit? Not so much.
  • I also watched Little Women, the 2019 version, and now I love Amy so much!?! Like what?! Wasn’t I the person who absolutely hated her even for just existing (okay, not THAT much, but YOU GET THE IDEA) and now she’s my second favorite character?! And even that German professor (what was his name? Baer, Bhaer? I don’t know) didn’t seem that bad. Jo is done even better (like how can they do it so good?) and I love her even more if that is possible.
  • I watched Enola Holmes, and I think it is REALLY OVERRATED. I hate the characters, and that ending was – we didn’t even get to know what exactly was the deal with her mother and where she disappeared to?!

And basically thinking back to August, that is all I did?


I have so many posts lined up that I AM SO EXCITED FOR! My mind has been going crazy with ideas popping up literally EVERY SECOND!! I’ll give you some clues because I’m really kind:

  • Introducing a new series on my blog!!
  • Genre based Mini Reviews (excited! even though it’s not fantasy)
  • Blog Tours!!! (all the excitement is driving me insane)
  • Bookish comparisons (because I love doing that even though its rude. or maybe because its rude *evil grin*)
  • Tags (I am so behind, ugh)
  • How to get rid of your evil spirit
  • And lots of other stuff but I do not want to ruin the suspense, so the rest is SECRET!


So many amazing books are coming out this month, I am going to combust from the excitement!


  • Write my reviews (obviously though, no pressure. No pressure at all)
  • Better quality posts
  • Read 5 books?
  • At least 2 of them should be ARCs (because blog tours, excuse me?)
  • Prepare for exams (which also means STOP PROCRASTINATING!)
  • Stop putting off commenting on people’s posts, because it’s rude
  • Time management! Which involves sticking to my blogging schedule and completing homework. and not at midnight because i forgot!
  • Get started with school assignments. And finish them too? Please?
  • Work on my novel
  • Have some fun
  • While eating olives
  • Because it’s also my birthday month!


  • Like half the school year is over and I am still thinking about the Annual Exams of last year? What is wrong with me?
  • I have exams, and I AM SCARED!
  • I am going to try getting back into journaling, but just for fun. I don’t want to make it compulsory or think of it as a goal. Because then I am more likely to do it, because I like fun stuff!
  • I am going to try drawing a vision board on the wall because I like that?
  • I really want to watch Sherlock because so many people I know are screaming about it!

Oh my gosh, this was like the longest post I’ve ever written!?! It is over 2000 words –
But I want to mention these couple of SPECTACULAR blogs that I’ve used as inspiration for the various categories in this post, so click here, here and here. And yes, I am stopping now, because I KNOW I HAVE BEEN TIRING YOU.

How was your August? Any plans for September? How has life been treating you in general? HOW WAS YOUR SUMMER AND DO YOU MISS VACATIONS TOO?? What am I asking. Obviously you do.

12 thoughts on “August Inked on Paper || School, homework, reading slump + some snippets from my WIP!!”

  1. Great wrap up! I’m so sorry you didn’t like From the Desk of Zoe Washington. Hopefully you find more amazing middle grade books to read in the future then <33. and yesss i love little women! While I really disliked Amy's character as a kid, she's such a likeable person as an adult. Have a wonderful September!

    1. Thank you!! Yess, I hope so. Ohh, so wonderful to meet you then!! Yes, I agree. And the movie makes her character even better. Thank you so much, Saniya! Hope you have a wonderful month too!!

  2. Great wrap-up! Thanks for mentioning my post, it means a lot! I’m so glad you enjoyed We Were Liars. I was really confused by the ending, do understand it? Also, those writing excerpts are so good! Have a great September!

    1. Thank you, Lotus!! No problem! Yes, the ending left me a bit confused too, actually. Like, I can’t really understand how everyone saw the other three liars? You know, like when she talked about them and told the rest of her family about them, everyone just went along. It is confusing, and sorry, I don’t exactly completely understand it either ?? Ahhh, thank you so much! Thank you, and hope you have a great month too!!

  3. hi anoushka!! congrats on restarting your blog, it look great! omg yes the traitor’s game series is so underrated, glad to find a fellow fan! wonderful to hear that you’ve set up a netgalley account, welcome to the alluring world of arcs… and omg good job on the wip too! i loved little women (the 2019 show) too and aww thank you for sharing my post! wishing you a lovely september! ❤

    1. Heyy Cherelle!! Thank you so, so much! Yes, it is! Me too! Which is your favorite book in the trilogy? And your favorite character? Haha, thank you! Thank you again!! Yes! I tried watching the 2017 version on netflix, but that was pretty boring. But the 2019 one is SO GOOD, i love it! Ah, don’t mention it ❤❤ Thank you, and wishing you an amazing September too!!

  4. I am seriously marveling at how well you wrapped this up. If only I had this patience ??.
    And wow, so glad you had a good month. Also, I really like Enola Holmes ?, but I guess I understand why you don’t, so that’s fine.
    And WHOA, you mentioned me?!! Thanks so muchhhhhhhhhh!!! ???

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