Books I HAVE to read before the end of 2021 or suffer the dire consequences that come in the form of threats from the bookworm community || My TBR for the LAST (!!!) month of this unglorious year + ~ eXPeCtAtiONs ~

Let me tell you a soul – crushing secret.

The year has flown past and you haven’t even yet noticed. Only a month left, and then 2022 will be upon you, quietly watching as you throw yourself unwillingly into it, mourning the loss of the past year. (and, obviously, all these rules do not apply to me, because I AM A PROUD MEMBER OF THE OLIVE POPULATION, and time works differently like that)

But how does time run away so fast, I don’t get it. Long legs maybe?? Or TIME MACHINES?? Nevermind, since we’re never really going to arrive at a logical answer (its another one of the universe’s very well-guarded secrets. not something we should even try to make sense of) let’s talk about something else, and by something else I mean the YEAR END. aka the worst time of the year for bookworms like me and you. Why, you ask? Well, I come prepared to answer you with a very detailed list of reasons:

  • We start thinking of all the books we could have read, but didn’t. Just a warning, but THERE MIGHT BE SOME SCREAMING INVOLVED
  • We think of all the amazing books we read this year and then wish we could go back to that time just to experience the magic again *melts into puddle*
  • We start freaking out about the huge piles of unwritten reviews and then die because AGHHH TOO MANY
  • We finally remember about that terrifying GOODREADS READING CHALLENGE we were supossed to be participating in, and there are BUCKETFULLS of tears involved
  • Some little olives among us attempt to conquer their 625348219236737 book-long TBR and it does not end well so DO NOT do something so dumb, okay?
  • There’s that pile of unread 2021 releases that is now already one year stale and making frequent visits to haunt us in our dreams
  • Remember that ginormous stack of EXPIRED library books way back from June, that you (I see you! Green alien!) forgot to return and are going to be the reason that little alien over there is going broke because fee for late submission (oops)
  • And then no christmas presents (as in bucketloads of BOOKS) for said alien *sobs*
  • Which leads to little green alien’s tragic villain origin story
  • And how aforementioned alien began taking over the universe and destroying every single bookworm to have ever lived and stealing their precious books because REVENGE

A short list. But point is, IT IS NOT NICE. So what do we do? HA, the answer is simple! We create an obnoxiously long list of goals to achieve in this last month so we can feel great about ourselves and not wait for someone to find us in the form of a soppy mess under the christmas tree on christmas morning, bawling our eyes out because Santa forgot to bring us presents. And that list of goals, in this case, comes in the form of an obnoxiously long TBR from yours truly.

Unsurprisingly, I have a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG list of books that I really want to read by the end of this year, and that is the reason I am going to put together a short I swear it is short, okay? list of books that I am definitely going to “try” finishing by the end of the year. AND what I expect from them (spoiler: high stuff). Most of these books are practically BURIED in the HYPE, very famous books, that i haven’t read yet, AND I do not know what I’ve been doing with my life. But what I do know is that if I don’t read these soon, I shall start getting threatening letters in the mail that will attempt at murdering me, unless I read the BOOKS. And i love life far too much, and do not wish to be murdered at the hands of fellow offended bookworms, so I SHALL BE A DUMB OLIVE AND ATTEMPT TO CONQUER MY VERY LONG TBR. Thank you.

All the photos have been taken and edited by yours truly, and have arrows protruding out of them, listing the various reasons I want to read these amazing-looking books. All photos also link to the respective book’s goodreads synopsis.

  • Truth is, I BECOME A SCARED LITTLE SMOL OLIVE – EATING HUMAN RUNNING INSIDE THE WARDROBE SCREAMING PEOPLE’S EARS INTO DEAFNESS whenever I think about this book. It’s torturing me at this point. 
  • Why? Because of these things called ~eXpEctAtIOns~ which are so INSANELY! CRAZILY! MADDENINGLY! high and exceed the heights of the milky way, that there is NO WAY this book is going to live up to them! And I do not want to NOT like it. I’m just scared.
  • But I HAVE to read it because its THE MOST FAMOUS YA FANTASY EVER and I do NOT agree on giving up my position as queen of fantasy readers. And I might be obsessed with Kaz Brekker, though I know nothing?? So, see? I NEED TO KNOW.
  • My hard copies also just arrived and THE EXCITEMENT!! And they might be the best books I own, so. We’re doing this. Wish me luck, fellow olives! I really want to fall head over heals in love with it like everyone else.
  • Okay, see, literally everything about this book seems to be screaming out my name. Arabian inspired fantasy world?? Enemies-to-lovers?? The cover? The name? I have no reason to NOT read it. Then why haven’t I yet? Good question. There’s two reasons: 1) I’m scared it won’t live up 2) I’ve been in some kind of weird Fantasy slump?? But I’m now successfully out and continuing to run over and become the voracious fantasy reader I have the reputation of being and DEVOUR THIS
  • I’ve also been told that it has beautiful, amazing, gorgeous writing and I am TRASH for anything that has even the mentions of “pretty prose”.
  • And morally grey characters just SEALS THE DEAL.
  • Two of my favorite bloggers (Cherry and Rachel) have also been screaming about it, and I NEED IT, okay?
  • Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite fairy tales for pretty obvious reasons. 1) Belle loves to read and is a BOOKWORM and 2) I want to adopt the beast. So I’m hoping to a find a very relatable protagonist who LOVES BOOKS, and also a beast to further lenghten my TO-ADOPT list, and I look forward to placing him right beside Lazlo Strange with his broken nose, and become a very happy olive whle simultaneously reclaiming my title as QUEEN.
  • And see that cover?? It looks so… wild and fierce and AMAZING and like something i will LOVE forever and there’s also mentions of curses??? And curses are universally acknowledged GOLD (except when you’re the victim of one, that is NOT NICE) MWUHAHAHAHAH
  • I want to read Defy the Night so bad (I am trash for court politics and based on all i’ve heard, defy the night has it???!!) but i want to start with the author’s series according to publishing order, because I am very organized like that. (Anoushka’s spirit: she liesssss. Anoushka: shhh! Stop giving away my secrets like that, evil spirit who i do not know [whispers] I THOUGHT I HAD MURDERED THAT SPIRIT OF MINE???)
  • Okay, this is Marie Lu we’re talking about here, writer extraordinaire of masterpieces such as LEGEND, and this is DARK FANTASY she has written, and AGGGHHH, THE COVER, that sword replacing the T, the CLOUDS, the entire atmosphere is just-
  • I’ve heard the writing is delicious and so I desperately need, okay?
  • Just… stop thinking about EVERYTHING, and LOOK at that cover. It is gorgeousness at another level, and I am so grateful it exists, and you should be too.
  • I’ve read amazing reviews about this, and its been on my TBR since over an year, and its time to finally pick it up and devour in a gulp.
  • It also features friendship, and I LOVE READING ABOUT FRIENDSHIPS TOO MUCH.
  • Okay, see I have been converted into #1 Ciara Smyth fan after reading Not My Problem and I am ready to read anything, literally anything, written by her, including papaya-flavored cornflakes commercials, and I shall do so VERY happily.
  • Needless to say, my expectations, again, are high, which is very unusual for a contemporary book, because I usually go into them without even bothering to read the synopsis, so any form of expectations whatsoever are practically non-existant. But this one? Ahahaha- I am ashamed to admit the number of times I’ve pored over the synopsis, my mouth WATERING.
  • Agggh, I really wish this book delivers some more of the solid, laugh-out-loud humor that was available in ABUNDANCE in Not my Problem, because if not, THEN I WILL NEVER TRUST AUTHORS AGAIN, because I will be disappointed FOR LIFE. Good bye.
  • Ahem. A YA Fantasy Romeo and Juliet Retelling?? That is also dark?? And also features DAGGERS??? And enemies-to-lovers (i am trash for it, and so are you)??? Set in Shanghai?? I MEAN, THERE’S TOO MANY REASONS WHY ANYONE WOULD WANT TO READ THIS, okay.
  • And the cover is this complex being that seems to hold so much in it and I am in awe over it, and desperately want to understand it. I also feel like at this point I’m the only person who hasn’t read it yet, and that is humiliating.
  • All the quotes I’ve read are DELICIOUS and apparently the writing’s supossed to be gorgeous??? I AM EXCITED.


Anoushka’s spirit: I might be temporarily taking over because my mistress has suddenly disappeared, and yes, I have successfully returned from the dead, with amazing powers and all. Ooh, and also, um, its supposed to be secret, but I am kind, so I shall say. I have returned with a plan to take over the blog and rule as QUEEN forever. What’s the plan, you ask?? Well, it involves a person who goes by the name of V.E. Schwab. And it also involves Anoushka, obviously, since she needs to be DEFEATED. So, see, Anoushka has never read a Schwab book in her life (which is embarassing and also just plain rude), and no one’s supposed to know. SO NOMINATE ME RULER AND WE SHALL LIVE IN PEACE, WHILE ANOUSHKA CRIES OVER HOW SHE NEVER BECAME A SCHWABIAN AND ALSO LOST HER BLOG BECAUSE OF IT. Thank you.

  • Percy Jackson is the God of humor, and you can never convince me otherwise. He is sassy, sarcastic, and just generally AMAZING, and also proud owner of Riptide (which I shall soon come up with a genius plan to steal) and I LOVE HIM TOO MUCH
  • There’s this someone called Leo Valdez and everyone keeps screaming about him?? I NEED TO KNOW TOO.
  • I’ve never talked about this before (what can i say? i’m just… modest) but i successfully THREATENED my sister into reading PJO and then she ran ahead of me and also started HOO but she said it wasn’t as good, so kind of scared too??
  • I know. Some of you might actually be seriously considering coming at me with daggers at this point, but REMEMBER THIS – Murder lands you in jail, and there’s no libraries there, and you desperately need books because you live off them, so DO NOT take out that dagger from under your foot. Be kind and let it rest.
  • The main reason I want to read this is because – the ending (and also because i desperately love life, obviously) What can I say? I love crying over books, and this one is a guaranteed tear jerker, and I need no more reason.
  • I also need to find out what the hype’s all about too. Because #curiosity

And thus we reach the end of my unattainably huge TBR. This post was kind of all over the place, and OVERLY LONG, and very messy, because I have apparently lost the ability to write decent posts? I am sorry. Also, I might be kind of late in replying to comments and such because SCHOOL is torture, and I am also working on redesigning my blog, and planning on writing more posts this month (i seriously post 2 times a month, what is wrong with me??) and i am sorry, but I swear I shall get to them as soon as I can. Okay, now I’m going to go read, bye.

Have you read any of these books?? What are some books that have been on your TBR since literally FOREVER and you still haven’t got to?? What are some of the MOST HYPED books you haven’t read yet?? Books/series you DESPERATELY NEED to get to by the end of the year??

58 thoughts on “Books I HAVE to read before the end of 2021 or suffer the dire consequences that come in the form of threats from the bookworm community || My TBR for the LAST (!!!) month of this unglorious year + ~ eXPeCtAtiONs ~”

  1. I read Six of Crows this time last year and it’s the perfect time of year! I also need to read These Violent Delights and The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue!

  2. I don’t think my comment sent before, so let’s try again! I read Six of Crows this time last year and it’s the perfect time of year for it! I also need to read These Violent Delights and The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue!

  3. Okay, you’re not the only one who has not read fault in our stars, im sure im one of those people who will prolly never read it or read it the very next day, ahem. BBBBut u shud read SOC, coz it was really entertaining. And addie larue…well i think it wont hurt if u dont manage to read it coz it was kindaaaa long, but i liked it overall, hehe. Good luck on your goals!

    1. Ahaahhaha, I am sorry Nehal, but IT MAKES ME FEEL OVERJOYED TO HEAR THAT. I wouldn’t be the only one people will come with glistening daggers at. You can distract them while I run. Thanks for saving my life, Nehal, I’ll be forever grateful.

      Haha, yes. YES, I AM GLAD TO HEAR YOU LIKE IT TOO!!! Thank you so much!

  4. Okay first of all I’m in love with your blog theme. Like actually obsessed. It’s GORGEOUSS. Secondly I’ve read about half of these and most of them were pretty amazing! Six of crows was actually so great, and aGh the characters?(you shall cry in crooked kingdom hEh), ahem the young elites was obviously fantastic because like you mentioned it’s a Marie Lu book!!??AND OMG ARISTOTLE AND DANTE IS PURE PERFECTION. I’ve read the fault in our stars too but sadly I didn’t love it as much as I wanted too. Hope you have a better experience with it! This was such an amazing post Anoushka, hope you get to read these books soon!!?✨

    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH SUHANI!!! YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW GLAD YOUR COMMENT MADE ME!!! I am so glad to hear that, because then more probability that i’ll like them too haha. Aaaah, yes, you’re making me excited even further!!!! Yes, we stan Marie Lu!
      Sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy it as much, but thanks so much! THANK YOU!!! ❤️

  5. ANOUSHKA! Oml you have to read SoC and WHTF! You will not hear the end of it from me if you don’t read them soon! Haha jk, but really, I hope you enjoy these (particulary SoC and WHTF hehe) Also WHTF will totally live up to all and any expectations! I also haven’t read These Violent Delights and Addie LaRue yet and I really have to soon, they both sounds so good! Ngl tho, you’re not missing out on too much with TFIOS, I don’t really like it ? I loved it when I first read it, but now I just don’t enjoy rereading it ? Anyhow, good luck with these, I really hope you like them all!

    1. AHHH, I KNOW! I SHALL BE VERY RUDELY TORTURED IF I DON’T READ THEM SOON. And thanks so much for saying that, it makes me feel even more excited! Aaah, yes! I really hope you enjoy both of them, and I cannot wait to hear what you think! Haha, so many people have been telling me that, maybe i shall remove TFIOS from my tbr (because umm it is overflowing already) but agghh, CURIOSITY.
      Thank you so, so much Cherry! ❤

  6. ANOUSHKA WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE IF YOU HAVEN’T READ SIX OF CROWS YET?? AND WE HUNT THE FLAME?? Believe me, I won’t stop at threats *evil laugh* On a slightly less threatening note, you called me one of your favourite bloggers? I’m honoured *sniffs*
    And I see so many great books on the list!! I finished TVD recently and I promise you won’t be disappointed (also if you think that book is plain old enemies to lovers, you’re in for a surprise ?)
    ….and you just reminded me of how many more books I want to read before this year ends so I’m gonna go do that now, bye loved the post!!

    1. AGGGHH, RACHEL, I KNEW IT, I ALWAYS KNEW YOU WERE AN EVIL WITCH IN DISGUISE. THIS COMMENT CONFIRMS IT. But also, i honestly don’t know what i’ve been doing with my life either, so yes, i probably deserve the threats haha. Aww, rachel, i love your content so much! So obviously!
      Have I ever mentioned that most of your comments literally make me doubt everything?? AND THEY ALSO MAKE ME VERY CURIOUS (the PJo one? And this about TVD? Definitely)
      I SAW WHAT YOU DID THERE. Hope you enjoy all of the books! And thanks so much!

  7. this is such a funny post omg i’m obsessed with your style of writing! anyways, as i was reading this i was either like “oh dang i need to read that too” or “ASDFGHJKL that book is AMAZING!”. i don’t think you’ll be disappointed in either kaz brekker nor leo valdez??

    1. AHHHH, THANK YOU SO MUCH KAYA!! YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HAPPY YOUR COMMENT MADE ME! Haha, I really hope you enjoy all of the ones you’re yet to read! Yay, I’m so glad to hear that, THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN!

  8. If it makes you feel any better I need to read all of these too. And atm Addie LaRue is the only V.E. Schwab book that I’ve read. But I adored it & hope to catch up on most of her backlist- and read Gallant – next year. I also majorly need to read all things Grisha related so I can watch the show ?
    I hope you get to read & enjoy all of these!!
    I’m planning to read Midnight In Everwood this month because a Nutcracker retelling sounds perfect for now. I’d also love to finish the Caraval series & read one of the Grisha series (then read Once Upon A Broken Heart & Six Of Crows in January). Besides that I’m trying to pick up the preorders I failed to read ?? absolutely adored the first one I went for though.
    And your writing style is fantastic!! Loved the ‘Aww daggers & came running’ bit ?

    1. Aaaah, i’m so glad to hear that you enjoyed Addie LaRue! I’m really looking forward to reading Schwab’s other fantasy novels too, I really hope you’re able to get to them soon, and enjoy them (ooh, and I’d also LOVE to know what you think of them!!!) YES, SAME!
      Thank you so, so much!
      aaah, hope you enjoy caraval!! and i’d love to know your thoughts on that too (you can email me if that’s ok with you!) Good luck with all of your plans, i really hope you’ll be able to get to them all and enjoy them!!

      1. I really hope you enjoyed it if you’ve got to it or do once you pick it up. Thank you, fingers crossed. I hope you get to read them soon too & end up loving thrn.
        Thanks, I didn’t get any of it done yet. I seemed to get super busy and haven’t read in ages ? hoping to start again next week though as I’ve really been missing it and my priority books are definitely still priorities.
        Sure I can share my thoughts over email once I’ve read them. Is the address on your page somewhere?
        Thank you, really looking forward to reading again now. Can’t believe I stopped over Christmas.
        Aww is true ? I look forward to reading more by you and hope that 2022 is full of more fantastic books.

        1. Thank you!! i haven’t gotten to any of them yet (oops) but I hope to soon!
          Aah, hope you’ll get some time to read soon!! And enjoy them!
          It’s on the side bar, but I’ll just type it here:
          Hope you had an amazing Christmas and 2022 has been amazing for you so far! Happy New Year!
          Aww, thank you so so much! Hope 2022 is filled with amazing books for you too!!! ❤❤

          1. Fingers crossed we both do soon then.
            Thank you ? hoping to start this evening.
            Thanks, I’ll send a message in a minute so you have mine too.
            Aww thank you, Christmas was lovely buy went so quickly. I hope you had a fantastic Christmas too & Happy New Year. Hope it ends up being a wonderful one.
            Thank you ??

  9. i absolutely love the young elites, so i hope you love it! i was really hoping to reread it this year but i don’t think it’s gonna happen haha. six of crows and ari and dante have been longtime favorites of mine so i hope you enjoy them as well, they’re truly such high quality books <3 good luck on getting to read all of these before the end of the year!! <3

    1. i am so glad to hear you love them so much, its getting me even more excited! Aah, hope you’ll be able to re-read them next year! Thank you! Thanks so much for reading! ❤

  10. OMG . Six of crows has been on my tbr since forever, but i want to read shadow and bone first. and please read the lost hero, you will probably feel a lil disappointed in the beginning but then you’ll love it it’s amazingggggg and leo is ❤ my whole heart
    and the fault in our stars is a .. a heart wrenching novel but read it it’s great

    1. Ooh, I hope you enjoy them both! And you have to tell me what you think of shadow and bone when you read it, i’s one of my favorite fantasy books (though Mal is… Questionable) Aahhh, thanks so much for saying that, I AM EXCITED NOW! OKAY, I WILL READ IT! Thank you so much for reading!!!

  11. I’m so glad I found your blog – it is SO cool! Also, you have to read SoC & fault in our stars and The Lpst Hero… and there are so many good books on heree! I hope you enjoy reading them & a very happy December to you 😀

  12. ahh… I hope you get to read them all. Honestly I pictured myself being a reading queen this year.. like ploughing through my physical TBR like it is nobody’s business but I just didn’t. I’m not ready for 2022, I still not ready for 2021 tbh!! ???? yesss… the young elites. It is a big series but it doesn’t have the online presence as massively hyped books so I was actually surprise by how much I enjoyed this series. Ah-mazing and the sequel, the rose society is even more amazing !! These Violent Delights, Ari and Dante, Six of Crows (my favourite is Wylan, love him), We Hunt The Flame– what a stunning selection !! Good luck on reading them !! ??

      Aaagghh, honestly, like this comment, i relate with all of it so much ??
      Makes me so glad to hear you love so many of them, its getting me even more excited! Thanks so much Sophie!! ❤❤❤

  13. Leo
    My boy
    I was frankly underwhelmed by the Heroes of Olympus series as a whole (so many disappointing plot things!!) but Leo though
    Actually the thing that made me the most mad was that Leo’s character arc seems to fall off the face of the planet in the final book?? THAT IS NOT ALLOWED
    Because Leo is the heart and soul of that series
    Not that the other characters aren’t also great
    But Leo

      Aah, that makes me so sad to hear, like ruining well-crafted character arcs?? Does anything worse even exist?? ??
      Thanks so much for reading!

  14. Omg my list of books I need to read before the end of the year is super long, I hope we both manage it! (Also the panic that went through my heart when you mentioned library books, I need to take some back asap ?). One of my fave reads this year was These Violent Delights so I hope you enjoy that one!

    1. Aaah, BEST OF LUCK TO THE BOTH OF US! Haha, I am glad my excessively long intros were actually useful in that way lol. Aaah, I’m SO glad to hear that!!! Thank you so much!!!

  15. I felt this post in my soul. haha. It’s so crazy how time flies!! I always think that I have all this time to read so many amazing books then the year just flies bye! Gosh! haha. I will say that many of these books are amazing- Six of Crows, Addie, & A Curse so Dark and Lonely!! I hope you get to several (and all) of these books! <3

    1. Haha, I KNOW, like i’m sitting here wondering, wasn’t it january just the past week? lol. I know! Aaah, makes me so glad to hear that! I’m so excited to get to them, THANK YOU SO, SO MUCH!

  16. I’ve actually read two of those.. who even am I?? ?
    Those two, by the way, are Six of Crows and Heroes of Olympus. Both of which you absolutely M U S T read at some point – ESPECIALLY SIX OF CROWS. I was utterly confused during the first fifty pages or so but it’s A M A Z I N G. I cannot emphasize this enough. (have you read Shadow and Bone?? I kind of… sort of….. DNF-ed the second book…… ☹)
    Oh and, LEO VALDEZ IS FABULOUS. 100/10 RECOMMEND. (although Keefe Sencen is still better.)

    1. Ok, see, considering the fact that i haven’t even read a single one, TWO IS AMAZING.
      I actually started SOC and reached the 20% mark but ahaha, it just… you know, wasn’t working? And i didnt want to not like it. so being the clever little olive that i am, i blamed it on a reading slump lol. but hearing you say that actually makes me so glad. (Yes, I have! Aah. i’m so sorry to hear you didn’t like it as much. i really liked the trilogy, but it is kind of slow and a bit boring at parts, so i can see why you dnf-ed it. haha, but that was probably for the best, because the 3rd book just wasn’t as great either, so no major loss haha)
      Aah, he is? People have been telling me that lately haha. (Keefe? Never heard of him. Is he in HOO too?)

      1. Oh- darn it. I was hoping you’d like it ?? I hope you get back to it someday~
        (it isn’t?? I heard that the third book is better, which is why I was planning to finish the series at some point. I OWN THE WHOLE SERIES ALREADY- ?)
        (Keefe is from Keeper of the Lost Cities :))

        1. I’m actually reading it right now, and I’m really loving it!! The beginning definitely isn’t very suggestive of the book’s overall greatness, but it does get REALLY better!
          Aah, at least for me, i didn’t like it as much as the other two, but some people do like it better, i guess it honestly depends, you might like it, so DON’T LOSE HOPE.
          (oh, right. i havn’t read kotlc)

  17. The effort that went into this blog – just wow! It was such a joy to read and your graphics were amazing!!
    I would never ever come for you for not having read something haha but I do love some books on here, especially Six of Crows. I personally think that some Schwab books are overhyped, but let’s not get into that before someone else might come for me haha I genuinely hope you’ll enjoy reading those and props to you if you make it during the last month of the year!!! Best of luck <3

      Aww, THANK YOU! Ah, yes, i’m currently about halfway through six of crows, and IT’S SO GOOD, like howww??? Thanks so much once again!!

  18. Amazing list! AND GO READ SIX OF CROWS AND THE INVISIBLE LIFE OF ADDIE LARUE! THEY ARE ONE OF MY FAVOURITES OF ALL TIME! *okay…enough screaming-through-caps-lock now…*
    I also have to read We Hunt The Flame (same reason…I am just ”COUNT ME IN COUNT ME IN” whenever someone describes a book that has prose-like writing (addie larue has it too)
    And Those Violent Delights…have to read this…it doesn’t feel like the sort of book you can just say no too?
    And The Fault In Our Stars…definitely reading this…I have a thing for sad books okay…
    Lovely post btw Anoushka…hope you read all of them!

    1. YES, I WILLL!!!
      YES, (ahem, might i also suggest strange the dremer for beautiful writing? the in that book just breaks all the limits and IT IS GORGEOUS) fingers crossed that both of us end up loving whtf
      EXACTLY! a thing for sad books?? we seem to have a similarity in that.

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