October + November Inked on Paper || Stalking cats, losing NaNo (oops), reading practically non-existent, and me just being an evil little olive

It is that time of the month again that I spend all my days waiting for – the month end has arrived!

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this before (It might have come up in conversation a few time, i guess? No?) but reading Monthly Wrap Ups makes me insanely delighted and it has reached to so huge an extent that it is probably unhealthy at this point. But there’s just something about these wonderful, beautiful, untamed wild beasts the blogging community likes to lovingly refer to as Wrap-Ups that they make my mouth water, and make me jump up and down in anticipation. In short, it is – AMAZING.

Now, coming back from raving about wrap ups (i could continue on for at least 5 more centuries tho, but TIME is evil) November was… busy. Or more like I took pride in being the procrastinator I have always had the reputation of being, BUT NOVEMBER AS A MONTH IS ONE OF MY LEAST FAVORITES I do not know why, but I cannot remember November ever being more than just an average month in ALL MY LIFE.

Ahahahahaha, can we like, please not talk about this??? Offline school started and it literally stole ALL of my time (#rude) and I was too busy stalking cats, okay? So, I… I only managed to read…. only…. just…. 2 books this month. *runs away* Talk about humiliation.

City of Shattered Light by Claire Winn ★★★★☆ [4.5] – Man, this book is EVERYTHING. And Riven is my IDOL.

Since you’ve been Gone by Morgan Matson ★★★☆☆ – A pretty “meh” book overall. Nothing special, but it was still fun.

The Wolf’s Curse by Jessica Vitalis DNF @70% – I honestly loved the concept, but this just wasn’t for me?? And the characters were annoying.


The Henna Wars by Adiba Jaigirdar ★★★★☆ – The South-Asian representation was EVERYTHING *dissolves in a puddle of tears*

Now, we shall talk about EXCITING STUFF. Such as, obviously, BOOKS! (ok, what?) but lots of exciting stuff happened in the past two months like:

The Library reopened – Like, actually reopened, and you can go in and everything, not just place orders for books and come collect them and then run away again. I got to see SHELF LOADS of books *faints* after months, and there might have been some screaming involved. But agh, it was DREAM LIKE, seeing the library again. I ransacked the Fantasy section.

All the books I managed to kidnap before being hauled into prison for defying the rules.

I… got the Six of Crows duology! The Physical copies! They arrived! And I have been alternating between stroking them fondly and burrying my nose in them since then. I HAD FORGOTTEN HOW AMAZING NEW BOOKS SMELL. I think I’m going to read them this weekend, and I AM SCARED. please cross your fingers that I love them. Also, if you would like some sort of a full reading log type of post of it, TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS!

  • If this gets out. I AM DYING FOR IT. GOOD BYE.
  • The Midnight Girls. Sorry, I heard mentions of witches. May or may not have come running.
  • Heart of the Impaler. There’s the mentions of a love-triangle (I HATE) but its also historical, and WICKED and the synopsis is intriguing, AND LENGTHENING MY TBR IS A HOBBY, OKAY?
  • The Coldest Touch. Okay, see, I have something against vampires. They are disgusting and terrible, and they DRINK BLOOD (just NO) and I HATE THEM. But this…. this looks different. Plus, read this review by April.

I… went on an unannounced two week hiatus in November because of NaNoWriMo and it makes me wish I had just announced a hiatus, but obviously, I AM DUMB LIKE THAT and never think. I’ll have to say that the month was bad blogging wise too, because: 1) very few posts 2) the quality was terrible 3) TIME WASN’T AVAILABLE IN ABUNDANCE. Well, nothing new there though. Note to self: Olive needs to come up with new and more intelligent sounding excuses.

Featured Image for blog tour of City of Shattered Light
City of Shattered Light Blog Tour

Want a new, PHENOMENAL, BREATH-TAKING, ACTION-PACKED Sci-fi novel that will leave you absolutely BREATHLESS by the end?? City of Shattered Light is the book for you! With strong female characters, vivid world-building, great sibling relationships, I TELL YOU, YOU NEED THIS BOOK IN YOUR LIFE! Still not convinced? Read this review written by yours truly.

See, people are… known to be procrastinators, okay? It comes hand in hand with the truth of being human. My very-late september wrap further proves the fact. Sorry, I have a terrible history with schedule-following.

September Wrap-Up

An Introduction to my NaNoWriMo Novel

NaNoWriMo is that time of the year when we put on our very best PJ’s and whip out a monitor and keyboard, and WRITE AT LIGHTNING SPEED, because word count is all that the world cares about. And, to do that, we obviously need a plan. Or some weird type of ensemble thereof. Here’s that ensemble of mine. In other words, I tell the world, or some little corner of it, about my new novel idea!

I return from my two-week-long hiatus with a new favorite book, plus an all over the place review in an effort to convince you to devour it too. A chaotic MC, with a life that is a mess? Side characters that will own your heart for eternity? AND THERE’S FRIENDSHIP TOO?? If you need any or all of these in your life, FEAR NOT FELLOW OLIVES, because this book has come to deliver, and I assure you, IT WILL NOT DISAPPOINT.

Book Review: Not my Problem
Get to know the fantasy reader Tag

I finally do the Fantasy Reader Tag, to reclaim my title as queen, and prove my love and unending loyalty to the fantasy genre. And I also talk about Riptide. And the desperate need for the traitor’s game trilogy in all of your lives.


Ahem. CIARA SMYTH FREAKING REPLIED TO MY POST!!!!! Like, THE Ciara Smyth! *faints*

And then obviously, I turned into an over-excited little olive and typed back some lame reply. BUT CIARA SMYTH!!! *continues screaming for eternity* I am not okay. I don’t think I’ll ever be. *cries* *explodes because too many emotions* WORDS do not make sense anymore.

AND that is not all. Look at this:

I am like 20% sane still, so it’s fine

I am sorry, but this is going to be a random jumble of my thoughts on life at the moment, because i really cannot form sensible thoughts on the last two months. its been a whirlwind and i am tired.

  • i hate offline school
  • i want to go back to the beginning of the year, and am not at all ready for 2022
  • i want to read more but NO TIME
  • *cries*
  • *cries some more*
  • libraries are amazing, and i want to live in one
  • the promise of winter break is the only thing keeping me sane
  • i want a pet dragon which i can ride and we will burn down the world together
  • i want to reread not my problem
  • i lost nanowrimo and im sad
  • cats hate me, and they’re very evil like that
  • gimme more olives
  • please
  • weekends are the world’s most amazing creation
  • i want to go to india
  • im very behind on everything
  • *screams*

How was November for you??? Tell me your favorite reads of the month!! Did you participate in NaNoWriMo?? AND WHAT WORD COUNT DID YOU REACH?? Do you like OLIVES?? What are some books you’re really excited to read in december?? Thoughts on the year end, please?

37 thoughts on “October + November Inked on Paper || Stalking cats, losing NaNo (oops), reading practically non-existent, and me just being an evil little olive”

  1. Come to India!!!!! ?
    And oh gosh, what a month! Thankfully November wasn’t that bad of a reading month for me. BUT I HAVEN’T BEEN ABLE TO READ BOOKS SINCE DAYS COZ OF EXAMS AND I’M DYING ?.
    Btw, all the best on nano, I can’t even imagine how it must feel like writing under that much stress ?.
    And damn, you mentioned my blog ?. You keep making me happy all the time, thanks so much!! ?
    Great wrap up!!!!

    1. teasing is bad, nehal. teasing me is especially bad.
      AAH, I HOPE YOU GET TO READ SOON!!! Are your exams over now?? (lol, reminds me that this reply is so late, i’m so sorry ?) BUT NOT BEING ABLE TO READ IS TERRIBLE ??
      Haha, yes, but it was also… fun?
      awww, nehal, hearing that just made my day! and do not mention it, i love your posts too much!
      Thank you!!!!!

  2. I love this wrap up!! Your header for it was stunning ? I agree that wrap ups are so fun to write, I used to do them all the time but now it seems to take me 2 months to write a post ? *plays violen*… joking kind of ? I’m so glad you enjoyed The Henna Wars, it was a great book and I’m exciting to check out the author’s newest book!! Ahh… I remember when Sabaa Tahir liked my post on Instagram… I’m was so overwhelmed it was ridiculous ?? so yay on getting your author comment ?? I would honestly love a pet dragon soooooo much too. Sorry to here offline school is a drag,,, sending you good thoughts ❤️ any progress with writing is still worth celebrating even if you didn’t win NaNo!! Hope you have a great December and if you get to six of crows, I hope you enjoy it!! I would love a reading log if you are up for it ? thank youuuu so much for sharing my post and all your compliments, it means a lot ❤️??

      YES, THEY ARE! Ah, yes, i can understand that. your posts are always so detailed and amazing, i cant even imagine the amount of time you must spend on them ???
      YES, i am so glad you enjoyed it too!! i just finished the author’s other book last night, and i must say, it was really good, and i couldn’t put it down, but henna wars was still… better? AND SABAA TAHIR?? REALLY?? GOSH, YOU HAVE EVERY REASON TO BE OVERWHELMED AND EXCITED, okay? I hope we both someday succeed in our dreams of befriending a dragon no matter how difficult they may seem right now *sigh* there’s always hope, right?

      THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Sending you some good thoughts back too! AND WILL DEFINITELY DO A SOC READING LOG! Thanks so, so much for this wonderful comment Sophie, it really made my day! ❤❤❤

      1. aw.. thank you soooooo much ?? I was going to say it was down to procrastination ? I’m glad Hani and Ishu’s Guide to Fake Dating was a great read (and tbf it would be very hard to beat The Henna Wars)!
        I know, SABAA TAHIR!!!!! I couldn’t focus on anything else for the rest of the day. ?
        Me too, there is always hope for dragon friends !!
        aw.. thank you !! I look forward to reading it !! Of course, wonderful post ?

  3. This wrap up was SO FUN to read. All my posts have been put to shame. But I also did think that since you’ve been gone was a bit underwhelming ? but you should try to pick up the unexpected everything next! It was much better than since you’ve been gone. And offline school was so hard for me to adjust to after so many days virtually, but it gets better trust me :))) AND DO A READING VLOG FOR SIX OF CROWSS. P.S I’m in love with your thumbnails, they look amazing ???. Great post , I loved reading it !!!??

    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH SUHANI!! And no, don’t say that, your posts are AMAZING, okay?? Plus, they’re always so consistent too. I appear here like once in a blue moon and post something and disappear again. YES! I definitely will read it! Ah, I’m sorry it was hard for you too, but yes, it is getting a bit better now. YES, I DEFINITELY WILL! ahhh, thanks so, so much for this wonderful comment!! ❤❤

  4. your wrap-ups are seriously the best like HOW?!?! i am so so excited for you to read six of crows oh my gosh! i love those books so much! thank you so much for mentioning my post, that means the absolute world to me? hope you have a wonderful december!?

    1. Awww, kaya, THANKS SO MUCH!!!
      YES! I’m about halfway through SOC and I’M HONESTLY LOVING IT SO MUCH! Ahh, don’t mention it!!
      THANK YOU FOR THE LOVELY COMMENT, hope you’re having a great december too! ❤❤❤

  5. yess i’m desperate for If this gets out too, like I NEED it in my life.
    hm you want to visit India? wonder what inspired that thought? anyway you’re always welcome, i live in india, maybe we’ll happen upon each other??
    ok you’re very brave to say that you lost NaNo, I say that I gave up after 3 days, to maintain my dignity, you know?
    omg i’m so jealous you actually interacted with ciara smyth?! (also i can’t see that second picture for some reason, there’s some error in displaying that I guess?)
    lastly, THANK YOU for mentioning my post!!

    1. YESS!! AGREED.
      I’m from india actually but don’t live there, and due to the pandemic and stuff, haven’t visited since like 2 years. so i miss it. ? But yes, we might happen upon each other and maybe trip each other on the streets. because we wouldn’t recongize each other haha. Where are you from in india by the way, if you dont mind sharing?
      Agh. rachel, maybe i should have done that too. but what can i say im stupid.
      ahahahaha, YES. thats the reason i mentioned it. making you jealous is the purpose of my life. i have finally fulfilled it.
      Aaah, no problem!

  6. I didn’t even try to do nano because I knew I wouldn’t have time this month! Im glad to hear you enjoyed Not My Problem! I really want to read it! Maybe, next year though… I am too busy to do it before 2021 ? My November was a bit meh but I read a lot of books! One I really enjoyed was The Girls I’ve Been! Hope you have a great December!!

    1. fair enough! YES, YOU DEFINITELY SHOULD!!! you will definitely have to tell me what you think of it, okay? Ah, i’m glad to hear you could read a lot! AND THE GIRLS I’VE BEEN, MAKES ME SO GLAD TO HEAR YOU ENJOYED IT! It’s on my TBR! Thanks so much Bertie, hope you’re having a great month too!

    1. Aaah, yes, it was amazing, probably one of my favorites of the year! No problem, I love reading all your posts so much!
      Thanks so much for reading Sofi! ❤❤

  7. Okay, but – I AM SO JEALOUS OF YOUR LIBRARY!! ??? My eyes became all greedy when I saw that haul of yours because my library, unfortunately, does not have a huge selection of books, especially when it comes to English ones… ? Thank God there are apps like Scribd, is all I can say ?
    Also, stalking cats is totally a legitimate hobby, and it’s so cool you participated in NaNo! I’ve always wanted to, but somehow, November always ends up being the busiest month ever for me…
    And thank you so much for mentioning my post! I’m thrilled you liked it! ?

    1. MWUHAHAHAH, IT MAKES MY EVIL HEART SO HAPPY TO HEAR THAT. But, ah, its really sad, but YES for all the amazing book apps out there, they’re life-savers!
      Thank you for saying that, I was afraid i might be thrown away from the world for not having good enough hobbies, so now that means I CAN STAY! ah, that’s sad, but i hope you can participate another year maybe? Or there’s also Camp NaNo in april and july so you could try those too if you’re free during that time?
      It is my pleasure! ❤❤

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